About Allsun Music Co.

What we do

LIVE musical performance is important to us, and we strive to make music that is not only well written and produced, but is also accessible to a large audience and appreciated by the performers.

We aim to break the rules and be unique by making music that is challenging, interesting and performable. Every piece should be a great surprise, and enhance the world of live music.

The music of Bruce Healey

Bruce Healey is proud to have worked for over 30 years as Music Director and Music Producer at the finest live entertainment company in the world, the Walt Disney Company. During that time he composed or arranged many hundreds of pieces of music for both recording and live performance as well as producing the work of other fine writers. Additionally, he also found time to create special compositions and arrangements for symphonic pops programs, television and more.

Music for sale, and music for rental

The catalog herein is a select group of widely varied pieces of music created for live performance. In here you'll find the following: 

  • Concert and Marching Band pieces for school groups - for sale
  • Small ensemble pieces for a variety of instruments - for sale
  • Symphonic Pops pieces for orchestra available for rent (these have been performed all over the world)

We hope to continue expanding our catalog in the future, always striving to be unique, interesting and performable.